TRAK has been awarded a contract to deliver high power Ka-band Isolators that will be used on the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (JHAPL) Solar Probe Plus program. This ambitious mission due to launch in 2018 will study the streams of charged particles the Sun hurls into space from an unprecedented vantage point: inside the Sun’s corona – its outer atmosphere – where the processes that heat the corona and produce solar wind occur. At closest approach, Solar Probe would zip past the Sun at 125 miles per second, protected by a carbon-composite heat shield that must withstand up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and survive blasts of radiation and energized dust at levels not experienced by any previous spacecraft.

Flight hardware will be delivered by August 2015 and will bring to a total of 19, the number of interplanetary missions that TRAK Microwave Limited has contributed flight hardware.