TRAK has delivered a low loss WR28 Junction Circulator (TRAK part number 22CD3101) designed to operate at 50W CW between 33-35 GHz. The first batch of circulators were delivered to a US customer last month. TRAK received positive feedback regarding the performance at high power when integrated into the system. This is the latest in the family of high frequency WR28 and WR34 isolators and circulators qualified for a variety of space and terrestrial applications.

Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 33.0 to 35.0 GHz
Insertion Loss 0.2 dB max.
Return Loss 23.0 dB min.
Isolation 23.0 dB min.
22CD3103 WR28 Junction Circulator


22CD339 S Parameters 22C WR28 Junction Circulator