TRAK presents its latest high power, space qualified, L-Band SSPA Circulator designed for Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA) use. The device operates at an equivalent 120W CW with electrical specifications dependent on operating bandwidth. The device illustrated below has a tabbed input port and solid TNC female output port and is configured supplied as a Circulator with a remote termination. This particular device will be used in an SSPA for a GNSS program..

TRAK has supplied a large number of similar devices configured as Isolators or Circulators that feature a range of interface options including; TNC, TNC pin, TNC socket, and MIC. These space qualified ferrite isolators and circulators have been supplied into applications for various GNSS programs including; GAGAN, GLONASS and GALILEO.

Broadly similar devices have also been supplied for use in space segment L- and S-band communication systems including, for example; INMARSAT IV, ALPHASAT, GLOBALSTAR SECOND GENERATION, EXPRESS and the LOUTCH series of satellite payloads.

Please contact the factory for more comprehensive heritage details and a list of existing designs for high power Isolators & Circulators.

L-Band SSPA Circulator
L Band SSPA High Power Circulator