This most recent device supplied by TRAK is for a Space Qualified UHF FGU application offers greater than ~30 dB isolation and better than 25dB return loss with an insertion loss of 0.25dB over a 100C operating temperature range and 50MHz operating bandwidth.

Frequency Generation Unit “FGU” applications require high isolation, high return loss isolators. These narrow band devices are designed and optimised for buffering oscillators to minimise frequency pulling. 

UHF Coaxial Isolator
UHF Coaxial Isolator

The performance and mechanical stability over temperature is acheived thanks  to the patented “solid” internal construction that is unique to TRAK Microwave Limited and forms the basis for all space qualified coaxial Isolators and Circulators operating in assigned bands from 900 MHz to 26GHz.

This particular device is contained in package that is 25.4 x 25.4 x 8 mm excluding connectors.