TRAK announces that its has completed the development of a low loss 25-27 GHz microstrip isolator intended in its flight version to be used in space qualified hybrid applications. The engineering model devices were delivered recently to the the launch customer for integration into their EQM.

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Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 25.0 to 27.0 GHz
Operating Temperature -30 to +75 C
Operating Power 20/2 W(Fwd/Rev)
Insertion Loss 0.40 dB max.
Return Loss 18.0 dB min.
Isolation 18.0 dB min.

With a mass of less than 0.7 g the Isolators including flange smaller lighter versions are available that are suitable for epoxy fixing.

TRAK has delivered in excess of 40,000 Microstrip devices for flight applications. Notable programs include; HYLAS1, COSMO-SKYMED, RISAT1, RISAT2, TERRASAR-X, TANDEM-X, RADARSAT2, RCM, POLARIS and  SENTINEL 1a & b. In total ~40 payloads of which 28 are space based EOS RadarSats.