The high capacity Ka-Band NBN 1a was successfully launched today.

Aboard were large numbers of  TRAK WR28 low loss Isolators. The satellite is the first of the two NBN satellites designed to provide broadband access to rural Australia was launched earlier today.

WR28, 0.15dB 27-31 GHz LNA Isolator - Ka-Band NBN
WR28, 0.15dB 27-31 GHz LNA Isolator
Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 27.0 to 31.0 GHz
Insertion Loss 0.15 dB max.
Return Loss 25.0 dB min.
Isolation 25.0 dB min.
Operating Temperature -30 to +80 C

Produced by Space Systems Loral, each NBN payload is equipped with large numbers of Ka-Band LNAs each featuring I/P and O/P broadband, low loss WR28 waveguide isolators supplied by TRAK to the Japanese LNA manufacturer.

TRAK has supplied several thousand similar, space qualified waveguide devices operating in Ka-Band for LNA and other applications. All devices are tuneless and operate over the 27-31 GHz operating band. A variety of types are available in WR28, WR34 And those have WR34 inputs and WR28 outputs.