TRAK offers a WR75 Ku-Band 3dB hybrid coupler for space applications. Once qualified the 3dB hybrid will be supplied for flight payload integration to an unnamed customer.

The hybrid is available with all 4 ports open, 2 x 2 or with 1 port terminated with a matching WR75 termination, 2 x 1.

This WR75 hybrid is the latest in a growing family of 3dB hybrids that includes WR62, WR34 and WR28 terminated (2 x 1) and unterminated (2 x 2) couplers which can be supplied with isolators on an port.

The 2 x 2 version, which has a mass of 55g, is be available with either a chromate conversion or Silver plated finish with standard 6 hole or custom flange details.

WR75 Ku Band
Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 10.7 to 14.5 GHz
Operating Temperature -20 to +80 C
Insertion Loss 0.09 dB max.
Return Loss 23.0 dB max.
Isolation 23.0 dB min.

TRAK produces a wide range of Waveguide products for flight applications operating in assigned bands from 1 to 52GHz. For an overview of available waveguide products for SSPA space based applications contact your local representative or the factory directly.