TRAK offers a compact X-Band 15W TNC to pin SSPA isolator designed for space applications.

X-Band 15W TNC to pin SSPA isolatorThis ultra compact X-band 15W TNC to pin SSPA isolator features TRAK’s unique solid TNC (f) interface with a Diamond RF termination and operates over 8.0 to 8.4 GHz.

With a mass of only 56g, this magnetically screened isolator is designed to be as compact as practically achievable with minimal mass and footprint.

The solid interface on this isolator has substantial heritage from L to C-Band in TNC form in both male and  female forms and is available in either Gold or Nickel plated.

A key feature of this TNC to pin isolator load is the termination. TRAK  uses the superb family of  50Ω Diamond RF terminations from EMC Technology whitch enables superior Rf performance and power handling in a compact form factor. The termination in used in conjunction with an integral Oxygen Free Copper heat sink providing optimum thermal management and operation at elevated base plate temperatures under nominal or fault conditions.

Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 8.0 to 8.4 GHz
Operating Temperature -20 to +80 C
Insertion Loss 0.25 dB max.
Return Loss (TNC) 21.0 dB max.
Return Loss (pin) 21.0 dB min.
Isolation 21.0 dB min.
Forward/Reverse Power 15/15 W CW

TRAK produces a wide range of high power isolators for SSPA applications operating in assigned bands from 1 to 10 GHz. For an overview of avariable products for SSPA and other space based applications contact your local representative or the factory directly.