TRAK offer new variants of its highly popular range of space qualified WR28 Isolators & Circulators. These are available in form factors that offer iMUX or LNA/ converter designer maximum mechanical flexibility.

The WR28 Isolators & Circulators, which operate from 27-31 GHz, can be configured by TRAK, or by the customer, to become an Isolator by the addition of a TRAK termination. As the devices are symmetrical along the broad-wall this means that any combination of clockwise or counter clockwise WR28 Isolators & Circulators can be realized to operate over 27-31 GHz with the minimum of stock holding.

WR28 Circulator & Isolator
WR28 Circulator & Isolator
Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 27.0 to 31.0 GHz
Operating Temperature -20 to +80 C
Insertion Loss 0.10 dB max.
Return Loss 23.0 dB min.
Isolation 23.0 dB min.
Forward/Reverse 1 W CW

Note that each flange has through holes which does mean that the devices are a little larger than the standard 19.05mm (across the opposing ports) although alternative version with any combination of standard and non standard flange arrangement can be provided. The following is a typical room temperature plot at 10dBm input power.

Typical test results; +22C, low power