MTGTRAK has secured orders for a the development of products for the MTG program.

The design and development of a suite of coaxial, microstrip and waveguide
components and assemblies for MTG in Ku and Ka-Bands is well underway with the isolators, iso-adapters and waveguide transitions that will result expected to be supplied to TRAK’s customers in the Spring of 2016 with the flight models (FMs) scheduled to be supplied the following year.

This latest constellation is the third that TRAK will supply products into having supplied many hundreds of flight models into the first and second generations of spacecraft.

The MTG orbital segment comprises 6 satellites under the management and responsibility of Thales Alenia Space in partnership with OHB and is a cooperative venture between ESA and EUMETSAT.

MTG Program
Image courtesy of Eumetsat

MTG is a six-satellite system of four imaging satellites, carrying imaging and lightning detection mission, as well as two sounders satellites providing infrared and ultraviolet capabilities, for both climate and meteorological applications.

The launch of the first imaging satellite is currently planned in 2017, marking the beginning of the in-orbit lifetime of the imagery mission, followed by the launch of the first sounding satellite in 2019.