TRAK announces a new space qualified Ku-Band WR75 hybrid combiner designed to operate over 10.7-14.5 GHz. The Ku-Band combiner can be supplied in two forms; a 2×1 with the 3rd port terminated or a 2×2, with all 4 ports open.

Ku-Band WR75 Hybrid 2x1 CombinerThe basic device features a standard flange and has a mass of 140g.

Performance is optimized for both the satellite transmit and receive bands and the device is designed to handle several hundred Watts of CW power.

Flight qualified couplers will be delivered in late Spring 2016 and extends TRAK’s  space qualified hybrid coupler range to include WR62, WR34 and WR28 apertures.

Combiners configured as  2×1 or  2×1 types are available with optional isolated inputs with a choice of waveguide apertures or with waveguide to coaxial transitions.

The device illustrated has an insertion loss of 0.15dB max while return loss is 20dB min. across the band.