Smiths Interconnect operates an employee engagement initiative called 5E. The five ‘Es’ being Engineered for Growth, Ethics, EHS, Employees and Execution.

This global initiative is designed to recognise ‘above and beyond’ performance. Recipients of local awards are nominated by their peers or management and each year Smiths selects an overall winner in each category.

Against this background TRAK is delighted and proud to announce that one our employees, Lorna Pullar, has been awarded the global Execution award for her efforts in driving the successful manufacture of X-Band demodulators products in April 2015.

employee engagement initiativeThe products in question are assemblies used in a 1970’s vintage radar and are produced so very rarely, every decade or so, that retaining the experience on the product is extremely challenging. If this were not difficult enough, the the original manufacturing documentation and material obsolescence issues complicate the manufacturing process further.

Lorna (seen here being presented with her certificate by Tom Doak, Operations Director) was singled out as the recipient of the Execution award for demonstrating great perseverance throughout the manufacturing process; collaborating with the various contributors in the team, controlling the work in progress and driving progress on the production of the parts through to completion.

The task of reproducing these products was a team effort with planning, sourcing and manufacturing technicians and operators each contributing to ensure that the end customer received the demodulators on time and performing to specification and so while Lorna received the accolade we wish to recognise that the  success of this project could not have done this without the contribution of others including; Graeme Clark, Darlene Moran, Sonja Paton, Sandy Smith and Brian Rae.

Winners in the other categories were;

  • Ethics: Marta Vasquez, Assembler working in the Smiths Interconnect Power Business Unit in the USA
  • Employees: Nick Hu, Production Supervisor, Smiths Interconnect Telecoms Business Unit in China
  • EHS: Gary Dion, Quality Engineer, Smiths Interconnect Power Subsystems Business Unot in the USA
  • Engineered for Growth: Jean-Claude Sartiaux, Setter, Smiths Interconnect Connectors Business Unit in France.

Well done everyone!