Inspection is carried out using a combination of direct and indirect visual tools including high magnification optical microscopes/ cameras and high energy x-ray tomography.Piece parts, in-work and finished goods go through a rigorous series of mandatory and random in process and product inspections by a skilled and experienced team of Quality Assurance inspectors and operators.

TRAK’s In process inspection capabilities include bond and die shear testing, high resolution direct visual imaging and static and dynamic x-ray tomography (160KeV); used extensively to inspect solder joint robustness before and after screening and to ensure adequate soldering of high power terminations.

Piece parts, both externally or internally produced are inspected using CNC contactless co-ordinate measurement equipment and shadowgraph. Inspection of sub-contracted plated piece parts is routine.

Non-destructive and destructive testing including bond-pull, die shear and parts sectioning analysis is undertaken in house in combination with independent third party test houses.

All TRAK processes and procedures, quality standards and accreditation are available to our customers and prospective customers.