Our suppliers provide TRAK with a wide range of turned, machined and stamped parts in specialist grades of Aluminum, Stainless & mild Steels, high conductivity Copper, Brass, technical ceramics, garnets and magnets.

TRAK Vendors are based across the globe. Selection is based on capability, competence and adherence to quality and agreed delivery schedules. Supplier choice is the responsibility of the local Dundee purchasing team.

Where practical, local suppliers are used in preference for the most demanding requirements due to the close collaboration that is normally critical during the design process which then continues into the pre-series and occasionally into the production phase.

The piece parts we purchase are produced to TRAK drawings and specifications and subjected to rigorous inspection and quality standards.

Sub-contracted services range from calibration and maintenance of specialist equipment, factory services to precious metal plating in Nickel, Silver & Gold.

TRAK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smiths Group PLC and certain services are agreed and contracted at group level. These agreements include, but are not limited to; communications, information & computing technology, insurance, financial and legal services.

If you wish to contact the factory to propose or understand more about becoming a vendor then please contact the following numbers; 01382 427220 or 01382 427273.