X-Ray TestTesting Microwave products accurately and reliably is a key capability and a core competence. TRAK operates 8 VNAs operating to 20 GHz minimum with 8 analysers operating to 40 GHz, 50 and 67 GHz. EMC (radiated emissions & susceptibility) and testing is undertaken to 50 GHz while glitch testing using the companies dual 8-channel systems is routinely operated to 31 GHz.

TRAK has an almost unique capability in having in house RF power to simulated using thermal vacuum conditions a products’ performance under partial and full vacuum conditions. Thermal testing (static, cycling and shock) is routinely undertaken using a variety of platforms and controlled chambers. Two vibration rigs capable of testing to up to 150 grms complete the routine equipment that TRAK uses to test, screen and qualify its space, defence and industrial products.

  • VNA testing to 67 GHz
  • Spectrum Analysis to 50 GHz
  • 2×8 channel continuous insertion loss measurement vs. temperature (glitch testing) to 31 GHz
  • Thermal chambers
  • Thermal Shock chamber
  • Bond & die shear testing
  • 2 x Thermal vacuum chambers
  • Dynamic/static X-Ray (160KeV)
  • RF Power burn-in (see chart below)
  • DC & RF (CW) power burn-in to 18 GHz
  • Contactless co-ordinate measurement


The current Power RF test capability is as follows. Please note the pulsed power systems provide average powers ~1% of the peak power (Klystron based).

Power RF Test Capability