Non-Disclosure Agreements

TRAK prefers to operate with customers and suppliers under the terms of an appropriate non-disclose agreement (NDA). Provided the terms are, suitably worded, fair and reasonable, TRAK is pleased to enter a second party NDA or, where the second party prefers, under the simple NDA available via this link.

Export Compliance

TRAK Microwave Limited (TRAK) complies with United Kingdom export legislation. TRAK cannot supply products or services if it knows or suspects that these items are intended to be used in the manufacture, storage, delivery or support of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

The following note applies to those orders placed on TRAK and scheduled to be exported outside the United Kingdom.

Generally, where products are designed for commercial communications application these do NOT require an export licence. Similarly almost all commercial Space applications do NOT require an export licence. TRAK’s sales office will confirm this on a case by case basis.

Where products were originally designed for military applications these can be used in commercial systems and exported to most countries using Dual Use authorisations. Some countries and items however are not allowable in the schedules of those where Dual use items can be supplied. In such case Individual export licences will need to be obtained.

All products that have been designed for applications involving Military and some designed to be used on Space based earth observation systems will require an Open General Export Licence (OGEL) or a Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL). To decide whether an OGEL or SIEL is appropriate TRAK goes through a statutory due diligence process to “rate” the product, application and end user. The process requires that documentary evidence be supplied in a form that includes specific information. To obtain that information TRAK can accept a customer’s own standard form of End User Undertaking (EUU) or a completed form (UK BIS) approved) which can be downloaded from this site. Independent of form, once the EUU is submitted to TRAK the information contained therein is held in the strictest of confidence but will be shared with the UK authorities. As these EUUs are considered legal documents these must be completed and signed by an authorised signatory. Instructions on how the downloadable form should be completed are included with the form. *PLEASE NOTE we can only process an individual licence application which is accompanied by an End User Undertaking sanctioned BIS and supplied on letter headed paper and completed according to the instructions. If the instructions are not clear our Salea department will be pleased to assist you in any way possible.

TRAK is registered to use a selection of Open General Export Licences (OGELs) which provided the conditions of that licence can be met then no individual export licence application is necessary. Where an OGEL is inappropriate and a specific or Standard Individual Export Licence (SIEL) is required then TRAK will apply for that licence. The utmost co-operation between TRAK and the customer with the submission of prompt and accurate information is the surest way to ensure that licence applications are dealt with quickly by the Export Control Organisation (Department for Business, Innovations & Skills).

In placing or intending to place an order on TRAK the customer understands that they may be obliged to supply upon demand an EUU (link to EUU template). If the customer decides that this form or another containing essentially the same information CANNOT be supplied upon request then TRAK regrets that it will not be able to accept or, in cases where orders have been accepted, proceed with any order. At that point the order will be cancelled by TRAK with no responsibility for any direct or consequential damage this may cause.

TRAK understands that it will, from time to time be asked by its customer to complete export enquiry forms. These will be completed promptly, accurately and will be signed by the companies Export Compliance Officer.

To discuss a specific export related question please contact, Alan McNeill, Export Compliance Officer.

EUU Template

The DTI maintains a comprehensive help and support web site containing copies of all Open Licences, their terms of use, and the most recent issues of the Dual and Military Control Lists.