TRAK has supplied ferrite isolators, circulators and passive components to the commercial avionics markets for 20 years. A number of products have been supplied for a variety of applications including IFF and MODE-S/IFF, weather RADAR, RADAR altimeters & satcoms.

Device topologies range from low power stripline isolators in L and C-band to high power X-band e-plane duplexers to products for the latest Ku and Ka-band satellite communication systems delivering broadband internet to airliners and general aviation.

Typical Radalt schematic - Commercial Avionics
Typical Radalt schematic

TRAK makes maximum use of its experience and heritage to design and qualify robust, environmentally sealed solutions with guaranteed reliability when operating in the most demanding environments.

  • Radar Altimeters
  • Weather Radar
  • Mode-S/IFF transponders
  • Ku- & Ka-band Satellite Communications