Reliability, affordability and technical support are no less important today that they were over 40 years ago. Since 1964 TRAK estimates it has supplied over 1,450,000 isolators and circulators destined for defence markets.

Radar Equation - Defence
Radar Equation

Components for RADAR sensors and seekers dominate sales of defence products. Early products were designed to be used in tube based systems and were typically characterised as being in waveguide and capable of handling high peak and average powers. TRAK continues to develop high power waveguide products for civilian and defence applications however over the past 10 years the trend in L, S, C, and X bands has been towards solid state; distributed and AESA antenna systems.

Defense montage

TRAK has extensive experience in the development and supply of components and subsystems for;

  • Radar: UAV, Airborne, Naval, Land fixed and mobile
  • Communications: Land, Air and ship borne satellite and terrestrial communications
  • Telemetry & target sensing: guided weapon seekers, control and data links