Waveguide to coaxial transitions are an integral capability of the business. TRAK offers a choice of connector type and orientation, pin/socket interfaces to waveguide apertures with a choice of standard or custom flange details.

TRAK offers a choice of “dc coupled” in line and orthogonal and “ac coupled” orthogonal types. For certain applications dc coupled transitions are most commonly used where thermal characteristics are a key design consideration.

These stand-alone products can be integrated with waveguide or coaxial isolators to form iso-adapters. TRAK’s capability and experience extends from 1.2 GHz (ATC radar) to 46 GHz for a space applications. Our adapters are tested using cables supplied by Florida RF labs.

  • Waveguide flange detail
  • Connector type and orientation
WR75 transition
The SMA WR75 transition is designed to handle 26W CW and to operate over both the satellite transmit and receive band from 10.7 to 14.8 GHz. With a mass of only 40g the device features an RF sealed connector whose centre contact is shorted to ground to maximise power handling. The transition is also available with an SMA (m) or TNC (f) interface. The plot below illustrates the return loss at +22c. The insertion loss is sub 0.15dB over the 100C operating temperature range.
Waveguide Aperture Insertion Loss [dB] Return Loss [dB] In-line Launch Connector Orthogonal Launch Connector Isolated Transitions Available
WR284 0.12 23 TNC/N TNC/N
WR229 0.12 23 TNC/N TNC/N
WR159 0.12 23 TNC/N TNC/N
WR137 0.12 23 TNC/N TNC/N
WR112 0.12 23 TNC/N/SMA TNC/N
WR90 0.15 23 SMA/TNC SMA/TNC
WR75 0.15 23 SMA/TNC SMA/TNC
WR62 0.15 23 SMA SMA
WR51 0.15 23 SMA SMA
WR42 0.15 23 SMA SMA
WR34 0.15 23 2.9 mm 2.9 mm
WR28 0.15 23 2.9 mm 2.9 mm
WR22 0.20 23 2.9 mm 2.9 mm