The RMA procedure is the only method TRAK uses for the return of goods to TRAK whether for suspected or actually fault, additional testing, return from loan etc.

All customer returned product is dealt with according to the Process Flow detailed in Appendix 1 of TRAK System Procedure 014 (SP014) with the Quality & EHS Director responsible for tracking & reviewing the progress of returned product.

In the case products are to be returned to TRAK the following practical steps should be followed:

  • Contact a member of the Sales or Quality teams to discuss the broad nature of the concern.
  • Be prepared to provide references (your own or TRAKs), details of the type, serial number(s) and quantity of the goods to be returned and where possible when the goods will be returned.
  • A unique Returned Material Authorisation (RMA) reference will be provided by TRAK which should be used on paperwork accompanying the goods to be returned.
  • Once received acknowledgement of the goods receipt will be made.

Investigations are carried out to determine the route cause of all returns with details recorded in a defect report with the Business Director or Senior Design Engineer in conjunction with the Quality & EHS Director or Quality Engineer responsible for reviewing the investigation report to determine whether corrective action(s) is required. Identified corrective actions are detailed on the defect report and also recorded for future trend analysis.

Where appropriate, intended actions to correct the defect will be agreed with the customer in advance of any remedial work being undertaken.

Full details of the procedure can be found in document SP 014: NON-CONFORMANCE, CORRECTIVE & PREVENTIVE ACTION – a copy of which will be supplied upon request.