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TRAK has a long history in design and production of high reliability ferrite solutions dating from 1965. Through the years, TRAK has developed a reputation for innovative high quality RF components and integrated assemblies. Even though designs, products and applications have changed through the years, our commitment to our customers continues to be unmatched.

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TRAK Microwave Limited designs and manufactures a broad range of passive microwave components and sub systems for applications where high reliability is paramount. TRAK Microwave Ltd currently supplies products for Medical oncology, commercial radar, satcomm and general microwave applications. Where high reliability is demanded TRAK Microwave Ltd has the solution.
TRAK has extensive heritage in the design and production of ferrite isolator and circulators for defence related applications including Radar and communications. A full range of microstrip, coaxial, drop-in and Waveguide components designed and manufactured in the UK subject only to UK export regulations
A wealth of technical experience combined with a broad heritage is what we have. TRAK offers a wide range of high performance components designed to be supplied as a stand alone part or a complex sub-system.


WR23 Coaxial Transition

TRAK Microwave Ltd are pleased to announce the development of a WR23 to 2.4mm coaxial transition for Space Applications. 

WR23 Termination

TRAK Microwave Ltd are pleased to announce the development of a WR23 43.5GHz termination for Space Applications.

WR23 Isolator 43.5 GHz

TRAK Microwave Ltd are pleased to announce the development of a WR23 43.5GHz isolator for Space Applications.

New Turkish Rep

TRAK Europe are happy to announce that TMS Elektronik as their new representative in Turkey.

Ka-Band End Launch Iso-Adaptor

New WR42 End Launch Iso-Adaptor


Looking for a surface mount approach to your project? Request information on our dual junction SMT device today. Available in 900MHz and 1800MHz.

Need a cost effective unit in a small package for your Wimax application? Request datasheets on our Surface Mount circulator!