Passive Microwave & RF Ferrite Isolator & Circulator Solutions

TRAK Microwave Limited has a long history in design and production of high reliability ferrite isolators and circulators dating from 1965. Over the past 50 years, TRAK has developed a reputation for innovative high quality RF components and integrated assemblies. Even though designs, products and applications have changed through the years, our commitment to our customers continues to be unmatched.


The latest news from TRAK.

4 February 2016

New Product: Ku-Band WR75 Hybrid Combiner

TRAK announces a new space qualified Ku-Band WR75 hybrid combiner designed to operate over 10.7-14.5 GHz. The Ku-Band combiner can be supplied in two forms;…

4 February 2016

New product: High Power SMA to WR75 Transition

New Product: TRAK announces a new high power SMA to WR75 transition designed for space applications. The SMA WR75 transition is designed to handle 26W CW…

4 February 2016

TRAK Products Launched Aboard EUTELSAT 9B

The Airbus manufactured EUTELSAT 9B satellite was successfully launched into geosynchronous transfer orbit on 29th January and will, after further manoeuvres and in-orbit tests, assume…

23 January 2016

India Launches Another IRNSS Navigation Satellite

IRNSS Navigation Satellite launches in India With the launch of IRNSS-1E on 20th January 2016 India has take a step closer towards completing the 7…

22 January 2016

Ka-Band Iso Adapter

TRAK has developed a compact iso adapter for LNA applications featuring a broadband waveguide isolator available with either a WR28 or WR34 aperture. The coaxial…

22 January 2016

New Contracts for X-Band Microstrip Ferrite Isolators and Circulators

New Contracts for X-Band Microstrip ferrite isolators and circulators: TRAK is absolutely delighted to announce the recent award of 4 substantial contracts from customers, based…

21 January 2016

AS9100 Accreditation Awarded to TRAK

AS9100 Accreditation Awarded to TRAK: Around this time in January is traditionally a celebration of the birth of Rabbie Burns, Scotland's most famous poet and…

21 January 2016

New Year, New Look

The new look TRAK web site has been provided with a 'freshen up' for 2016 and we encourage you to stop by and check it out.…

21 January 2016

Coaxial and Waveguide Ferrite Isolators for TV19

TV19: TRAK is pleased to announce new contracts for the supply of Ku & Ka-band coaxial and waveguide isolators for Telesat Vantage 19. The new…

9 January 2016

Satellite 2016

It's just 8 weeks until the SATELLITE 2016 Conference and Exhibition. SATELLITE 2016 is the industries' largest trade event. This year the SATELLITE 2016 event will be held…


TRAK Microwave Limited design and manufacture ITAR free microwave, RF and millimetre wave passive components and sub-assemblies for the defence, space and established reliability industrial communities.

Out products include a range of standard products and application specific solutions in coaxial, microstrip or waveguide technology which provide our customers with a broad choice of technologically differentiated solutions and prospective customers with an unrivalled portfolio of ITAR free ferrite isolators, circulators, transitions, terminations, loads and couplers optimised to meet exacting requirements and environments.

Image Courtesy of Thales Alenia Space ©

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RF products have been produced on the TRAK site for different types of markets over the past 50 years. The passive products that were developed originally by Ferranti in Dundee are still produced as required by TRAK for a predominantly defence RADAR applications.

Over 50 years later TRAK’s support for its original and more recent acquired customers has never wavered as continue to broaden our capability developing and supplying products for space, airborne, ground, naval, medical and industrial based markets.

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TRAK’s capability spans the design, qualification, manufacture and testing of passive RF products operating in assigned bands from 300 MHz to 55 GHz. All processes are designed to comply with AS9100.


TRAK Microwave’s product design process is directed towards delivering products specifically optimised for users’ applications and operating environments. Learn More


Operations comprises of site manufacturing, in process and product quality and logistical functions. Each of which operates on a flexible shift system designed to make maximum use of the operational assets. Learn More


Piece parts, in-work and finished goods go through a rigorous series of mandatory and random in process and product inspection by a skilled and experienced team of quality assurance inspectors and operators. Learn More

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To TRAK, reliability is the combination of many factors and independent of the products we sell nor the markets/applications for which they are intended.

Simply stated, our customers can count on; the service and support prior to and after the sale, our collective desire and efforts to meet delivery agreed commitments, the suitability of the delivered product for the intended application and its fault free performance throughout and beyond its expected life.

And when things do not turn out as planned? We can also be relied upon to ‘be there’ in the case the unexpected occurs. You can rely on TRAK.

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