TRAK Microwave Limited designs and manufactures microwave, RF and millimetre wave passive components and sub-assemblies for the defence, space and established reliability industrial communities.

Our products include a range of standard components and application specific solutions in coaxial, microstrip and waveguide technology which provide customers with a broad choice of technologically differentiated solutions and prospective customers with an unrivalled portfolio of ferrite isolators, circulators, transitions, terminations, loads and couplers optimised to meet exacting requirements and environments.

Most housings for isolators or circulators are milled from Martensitic stainless steel and are nickel-plated to provide a stable and aesthetically pleasing finish. Other finishes such a silver or gold are available. These devices are assembled under compression, which improves the rigidity and benefits performance over wide temperature ranges.

With no epoxies used internal to the microwave circuit, insertion losses are also optimised. Contributing factors to the minimised size include use of the high dielectric rings around the circumference, rare earth magnets, steel, and in the case of the coaxial range, proprietary SMA connectors. The devices will operate over considerably wider temperature ranges, for example, -54 to +95ºC. However, minor microwave performance degradation may be apparent.

All devices offered are capable of commercial to complete military or space qualified standards including shocks in excess of 150g, sinusoidal vibration in excess of 25g peak from 10 – 2,000 Hz, and humidity. Each operating in harsh environments without compromise of electrical performance.

Our global defence customers rely on our capability and high volume capacity to produce parts for long-term phased array programs. We have a Hi-Rel section devoted exclusively to military or space application programs and uses clean rooms, space approved epoxies, and other polymeric compounds. These product families offer a balance between practicality and affordability, while optimizing reliability and performance.

TRAK’s product range is complemented by the capabilities and technologies offered by other brands within Smiths Interconnect.