RF products have been produced on the TRAK site for a range of different markets over the past 40 years. The passive products that were developed originally by Ferranti in Dundee are still produced, as required, by TRAK for predominantly defence RADAR applications.

Medical. Defence, Radar & Space
Medical, Defence, Avionics and Space

Over 40 years later TRAK’s support for its original and more recent acquired customers has never wavered as continue to broaden our capability developing and supplying products for space, airborne, ground, naval, medical and industrial based markets.

S-band receiver as supplied by Thales Alenia Space - Markets
An S-band receiver as supplied by Thales Alenia Space for the COMS program. TRAK’s S-band bulkhead mounted isolators have been supplied on this and similar equipment produced by SAC and Airbus. Image courtesy of Thales Alenia Space.