TRAK has been contracted to supply X-Band Microstrip Isolators for the SARAh program to an unnamed German customer.

SARah comprises three payloads including the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload that will give all weather capability to the constellation and complement the two others optical systems in the constellation. SARah will replace the SAR-Lupe constellation which became operational in 2006 and on which TRAK has several hundred products installed on the five in orbit assets.

The broadband products that TRAK will provide are designed to be integrated into TR modules where their low profile/mass and outstanding out-gassing properties make them ideally suited.

Artistic rendition of the SARah satellite reconnaissance system, courtesy of Astrium - X-Band Microstrip Isolators
Artistic rendition of the satellite reconnaissance system, courtesy of Astrium.

TRAK first supplied Microstrip Isolators for space applications 13 years ago since when over 46,000 ferrite isolator and circulator devices have been supplied into 28 Earth Observation Systems including COSMO-SKYMED, flights 1-4 and SENTINEL 1a & 1b.