TRAK offers a low profile SMT C-Band Circulator for radar applications operating over the 5.2 to 5.9 GHz band.

The Circulator, suitable for pick & place with solder re-flow assembly, is optimized to have a low magnetic signature in a compact ½” housing. The core design, featuring a low profile of 5.1mm, is qualified to handle 50W CW and also available configured as a dual junction SMT Duplexer, or single junction surface mount isolator.

C-Band SMT Circulator
Parameter Value Measure
Operating Frequency 5.2 to 5.9 GHz
Insertion Loss 0.50 dB max.
Return Loss 20.0 dB min.
Isolation 20.0 dB min.
Forward/Reverse Power 50/50 W CW

Alternatively, drop-in single junction and duplexers with low or standard 6.25mm profiles are also available to improved electrical specifications.

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