TRAK is absolutely delighted to announce the recent award of 4 substantial contracts from customers, based on 3 different continents, for the supply of X-Band microstrip ferrite devices.

TRAK is the leading global supplier of microstrip ferrite isolators and circulators. These products are used in a variety of ground-based, and sea, air and spaceborne space AESA TR module applications.

Since TRAK’s first Microstrip Circulator was supplied in 1999, almost 450,000 devices have been supplied in C, X and K-Bands for a variety of land, sea, air and spaceborne applications. The sheer breadth and number of programs that TRAK microstrip devices are used in underscores the longevity of the support we provide, our commitment to our customers and their programs, and the quality of the delivered product.

The majority of the parts TRAK produces are delivered for defense applications where clearly our customers rely on our discretion regarding their programs. We can though list our space heritage (see the table below). This accounts for roughly 10% of the microstrip parts we have supplied; a breadth of experience that we are justly proud of and which none of our competitors can lay claim to, nor substantiate.

To learn more about the payloads and missions listed visit the EO (Earth Observation) Portal Directory.

Program Flights Sensor Band Microstrip Status
Cosmo-Skymed 4 X Yes Operational
KompSAT5 1 X Yes Operational
KompSAT6 1 X Yes Development
RadarSAT NG 3 X Yes Integration
RadarSAT2 1 C Yes Operational
RiSAT1 1 X Yes Operational
RiSAT2 1 C Yes Operational
SAR-Lupe 5 X Operational
SARah 2 X Yes Development
Sentinel 1a 1 C Yes Operational
Sentinel 1b 1 C Yes Integration
SeoSAR (PAZ) 1 X Yes Operational
SIASGE 1 L Integration
Tandem-X 1 X Yes Operational
TecSAR 2 X Yes Operational
TerraSAR 1 X Yes Operational
Unnamed #1 1 X Yes
Unnamed #2 1 X Yes