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Please state where you are travelling from. Directions to TRAK will be shown to you below and on the map above.


If your plans include visiting TRAK by air here are the closest airports and their distance to the factory.

  • Dundee – 3 miles (5 km) – 10 minute drive
  • Edinburgh – 57 miles (92 km) – 70 minute drive
  • Aberdeen – 71 miles (114 km) – 90 minute drive
  • Glasgow – 88 miles (142 km) – 100 minute drive

By Car

If you wish to drive to our facility here are GPS Coordinates:

  • 56.479560, -3.005204

You can also use Google Maps provided above to give you directions to TRAK.

Customers who do not wish to drive and would like to be collected from the airport can call us and we can arrange a courtesy car to collect and deliver you to the factory and return you to the airport.

Visiting TRAK
Visiting TRAK

Dundee Hotel Recommendations

If you plan on visiting TRAK and require overnight accommodation please call us and we would be glad to assist or help make reservations on your behalf. Alternatively, here are some links to Dundee hotels located close to the factory:

Dining in Dundee

Here are some of our favorites.